Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday (dun dun dadada da)

It's my birthday too!

Today is - indeed - my golden birthday. Ohhh, shiny. So I remember when I around around eleven or twelve and I though it was this really big deal to have your golden birthday and I was bummed because mine was, like, never going to come. Now I pretty much think I'm turning 26 and that blows pretty hard.

I have very little interest in being 26. Boo.

Anyway, my b-day has gone pretty well I suppose. Steve made a very tasty dinner, I opened some really cool presents, watched a slightly weird movie, and ate a seriously awesome $6 birthday cake from Target. There are further festivities on Saturday in celebration of me, so that's pretty cool.

I don't have a birthday themed photo today. Basically I was going to take a picture of my cake... but then I got way too interested in eating my cake and I kind of forgot. Whoops. Seriously that was some really awesome cake.

So this is actually a close up of one of the speakers on our record player. See Steve and I thrive on being really giant nerds and snobs all at the same time. Our collective snobbery/nerdery ranges from chocolate and beer (those two are just me really) to video games, music, movies, books, and computers. While back we took the music nerd/snob gig to a whole new level - we got a record player and started collecting LPs. Yup, we're those people. To be fair I've met people who a WAY BIGGER record snobs than us. I think we just genuinely like the way LPs sound and so on and so forth. Anyway, I enjoy the pattern the cloth over the speakers makes, especially when it's offset by the wood of the case.

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