Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Bonus Post!

As I said - I loves me some baseball. And I live in Minnesota, and Justin Morneau and Matt Guerrier play for Minnesota, so I really loves me some Twins baseball. They're my boys and I love them. And today everybody is all a twitter because there's talks about the Twins courting Jim Thome for next year. I have mixed feelings about this. Most because I really hate Jim Thome. But I'm aware of the fact that that hate is mostly seated in the fact that he has historically hit off the Twins, like, A LOT, and that's very annoying. So mostly I hate him for being a good hitter who doesn't play for the twins. So that helps his odd of me liking him, should he come and play for us. Also I've heard him compared to Corey Koskie more than a couple times as far as clubhouse demeanor and such, so that also bodes well for him.

Still... I can't help but sneer a little bit when I hear his name.

All I can say is this, if he does come to Minnesota

Probably will look a whole lot cuter in this:
Weirder things have happened. I wouldn't have ever guess that I'd be a Joe Crede fan. Yet here I am, incredibly respectful of the Crede power. I swear, that jersey has magic powers.

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