Friday, January 22, 2010

Beauty on the Bus (ha!)

Today's picture is entirely random. I was actually just messing around with my camera while I was on the bus; trying to find out what the light would be like if I did take some pictures. (Because there is light inside the bus and it is still dark out while I'm on the bus the windows become highly reflective when I try to take pictures of the passing skyline. It's very annoying.)

Right anyway. As I said I was just messing around, zooming in and out and just taking some random photos around the bus. I came away with this kind of super cool picture of the metal bottom edge of the window panes. I like the lines here and the motion they create. Then the impression of movement becomes kind of cool when you consider it's on a bus, while it's moving... I think that's kind of cool anyway. There's also something about the tone of the metal that makes it feel almost warm while also being industrial (and therefore sort of cold and detached.)

Also it looks shockingly clean for being on the bus.

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