Thursday, January 7, 2010

They Might be Bankers, but They Have a Nice Buidling

I bank with Wells Fargo, which basically means I don't really like them that much in general.

I like my banker a lot. His name is Ryan and he looks like my brother, which makes me trust him a pretty easily. He's like three years younger than me, though, so that freaks me out a little bit. Other than that though - Wells Fargo are not my favorite people. I'm sure this would be true of my bank no matter who I banked with because I'm just the kind of person who never especially enjoys authority figures like banks and such.

Regardless of all that, I walk through Wells Fargo Center everyday on my way to and from work. One thing I will say for downtown Minneapolis - those skyways are brilliant. I happen to live on right on a bus line that runs from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis that I catch about halfway in between. The only bad part is that the bus drops me off - oh - 10 blocks or so from the office. Which does make for a bit of a hike twice a day.

My bus stop is about two blocks past the Wells Fargo Center and right as I walk out of the skyways and on the street this is what I see:

I love that the building gives off enough light that the sky around it is blue instead of black. Every single (work) day I look up at that view and think to myself "wow, that looks amazing." I think that's pretty cool.

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