Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hennepin Ave. Bridge

So the company I'm currently temping for is the same company I used to work for. Before I was laid off I worked there for two years; 11 months as a temp (yeah, I know) and then a little over a year in a permanent position. After my car finally went kaput at the end of 2007 I spent about a year taking the bus to work every day, as I do now. Thus I go over the Hennepin Ave. Bridge about 10 times a week. This is actually completely cool by me, as I love that bridge. It has a great view down the river. As you cross over you can see the Gold Metal Flour sign, the Pillsbury Flour sign, the new Guthrie, the Stone Arch bridge, the Riverside sign ahead of you, and all of downtown behind you. What's even better (in my opinion) is just as you get on the bridge (heading East anyway) you go right past the giant Grain Belt Beer sign, which is the coolest billboard ever.

Anyway, I clearly really dig this bridge. Which is why I think it's super cool that I can see it (way off in the distance anyway) out the window that's behind my cube. I don't know there's just something reassuring about it somehow - like I look out the window and go "hey, I was there just a couple hours ago." I especially enjoy the fact that this photo actually captures my bus going across the bridge. That's a sort of "hey, I'll be there in just a few hours, going home. Yey." kind of a feeling.

The green-roofed building in the foreground is the old courthouse I wrote about yesterday. The green roof is a lot of the reason I love that building so much, but there's also (somewhat obviously) a lot of cool towers and stonework to like too. It is just a seriously cool building.

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