Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Big Hug

My grandma on my dad's side used to make quilts. They're seriously the best quilts ever. They're the perfect weight so that you can get nice and cuddled underneath one, but they're super warm and great.

Unfortunately there aren't too many of them left. So a few years ago my dad made some quilts. One for each of my nieces and one for me. It is a fantastic blanket; very lightweight but very warm. it's also absolutely beautiful: one side is a deep magenta and gold brocade and the other is patchwork of blue, red and gold. It's a hug in blanket form.

This picture was actually pretty terrible to start out with. The color was all wrong and the whole thing was just pretty hard to look at. I played around with some filters for a bit to begin with but that wasn't really giving me the result I wanted either. I tried desaturating the whole image at first, but that made the whole thing look pretty boring. Then I just took down the saturation of the reds and magentas; leaving the yellows as they were. I really like the effect. It looks almost like gold laid into stone or something and it really captures the luminosity the gold in the blanket has.

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