Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only About 130 Days to Spring Training...

So... gotta tell ya, end of this Twins season just... it just sucked.  It was just terrible.  I mean... ah, God, it just hurts.  Like, really I'm not even actually ready to talk about it yet.

I just... man, I just hate the Yankees so much.  They're just terrible, terrible people.  Ugh.

And seriously?  What the hell?  I have about 17 different rants about umpiring and how, you know, when that's what you do for a living you should probably be, I don't know, competent at it.  But, as is the case with most of my rants, they get kind of out of hand pretty quickly.  I start cursing a lot and telling strangers to put things in places where there isn't much natural lighting and whatnot.  It's a little crazy.  So I'll spare you.

Here - here's a super cool picture of stadium seating.

Gotta love those lines right?  Well, I do anyway.

And here's a super cool picture of Kirby Puckett... sort of.

And a fist pump that every Minnesotan recognizes.  That should have been repeated this year, but whatever.  I'll stop before I start ranting.

And a pair of hands that actually every baseball fan is familiar with (because they happen to be part of the MLB logo) but Twins fans have a special love for.
I just suddenly found myself singing in my head.  "Just like Tooooony, the Killer and Carew."  Weird.

Hey here are some more cool stadium seats.
Ohhhh, negative space.  Neat-o.

So here's one of the most random things I've ever seen at a baseball game... but also, hands down, one of the most utterly fantastic things I've ever seen at a baseball game.  ... In the crowd anyway.
I mean, obviously Santa is a Twins fan.  That goes without saying.  I just didn't know he had season tickets is all.  Let's go in for a close up of what may be the most adorable thing ever in the history of everything. 
Okay so maybe the most adorable thing ever in the history of everything is a little... hyperbolic but still.  I mean, look at that.  that's just... GAW!  That's just a teeny, tiny little hand in a great big ol' glove.  It's just so stinkin' cute.  I think my heart just grew three sizes and broke the little x-ray thingy.

Alright Boys... I'll see you next year.  I believe in you.  2011 is going to be magic, I just know it.  The end there was pretty rough but I ain't mad at ya.  Justin, you get your head all healed up and whatnot and come back.  We like you, we think you're neat, we clearly need someone who'd down with wrestling bears on the field.  DJ Cuddles, that's not a knock on you, pal, I would just really like my first baseman-y first baseman back.  I'd like you to go back to right field, okay?  Cool.  Jim, I'd just like you to come back.  You hit just whole bunches of homers for us this year, but you still have a ways to go before you make up for all the ones you hit against us.  Have a good winter, boys.  We'll see you in the spring!

Friday, October 15, 2010

They Always Make It Better

So this week.  How to describe this week?  Umm, let me see.  Allow me to share something I jotted down earlier this week.

October 13, 2010

An Open Letter to the World:

Ahem.  WOULD YOU ALL PLEASE STOP BEING SO CRAZY?!?!?!?!  So I got yelled at by a lady with no pants today.  In a government building.  For following societal laws that have been place for thousands of years.  I’m sorry but I have a few suggestions for people in general:
1) If you believe that leggings, tights, or underwear are acceptable substitutions for pants, you should not leave your house.  Ever.
2) If you don’t understand how lines work, the post office is not the place for you.
3) If you think one and two are the same thing, I hate you.


I don’t know if everyone just took an extra crazy pills this week or what, but holy crap.  It’s been suggested that perhaps it’s a full moon.  It’s not.  It was then suggested that maybe the crazies are started to come out on not-full-moons, purposefully, just to keep everyone on their toes.  I don’t think I need to tell you how terrifying that possibility is.

So basically... I would like a nap, please. Just nudge me on Monday morning so that I get to work on time and we'll be cool.

Oh wait. There are the fifteen thousand things I need to accomplish this weekend.

Well fine. No nap for Cait then.

On a completely unrelated note, here are some things that are, to me, absolutely beautiful and make me smile.

The end!