Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stuck - Not Inside Mobile, Though I May Have the Memphis Blues Again

So, I like to think I'm a fairly intelligent person.  (Thank God I just spelled intelligent correctly on the first try.  Whew.)  I mean, I'm no genius or anything.  But I believe I am not an idiot.  I can do math and read a map and I have a stunning aptitude for remembering details from movies and TV shows and repeating those details later on.  That aptitude for remembering details also came in pretty darn handy when I had to memorizes 200 pieces of art in order to pass my midterms in college.  It's also a pretty handy trait when my boss walks out of his office and says, in a French accent, what amounts to "do you remember that thing I mentioned, not to you, but in your presence about 3 weeks ago and I haven't mentioned since then?  Tell me everything you know about that."

(This is an aside.  I so, so, so wish that I could blog about work.  I so wish that that was kosher.  I'm not kidding, I couldn't make this shit up.  I'm not that crazy.  Crazy yes, but not that crazy.  It has been brought to my attention that if I were to simply transcribe my days at work I could probably sell it as a spin-off/sequel or something to The Office.  It's disturbing.  It would also probably be therapeutic to blog about it.  But it's WAY not kosher or smart in any way to blog about your work.  I know this both because I'm not a total idiot and because I'm in HR and it would be really, super, extra bad for me to blog about my co-workers.  Let me leave it at this - the biggest understatement I can think of right now would be to say "I work with some characters."  This is the end of my aside.)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I'm reasonably sure I'm not a total moron.  So I get frustrated when I find myself confused by things like... weather.  Look I live in Minnesota.  I deal with a fair amount of severe weather situations in the average year.  I have a healthy respect for weather.  I know that it's not really personal but based on where I live Mother Nature is pretty much trying to kill me most of the time.  This is more or less reasonable if you're me.  But today... today was just confusing.  At one point this afternoon I was at work in Eagan, talking on the phone to Steve who was in St. Paul roughly 8 miles away.  It was raining where he was and sunny and clear where I was.  About a half hour later, the sun still shining as if there wasn't a cloud to be found, the sky opened up and there was a downpour.  What the hell?

It started raining while I was driving home from work today.  I was about three blocks from home.  It transitioned from a few drops to yet another downpour.  I had to wear my sunglasses the entire way home.  By the time I parked my car there were pounds of thunder every few seconds, it was still raining like crazy, it was hailing and it was STILL SUNNY.  I don't understand.

I do understand though.  Logically I know how and kind of why these things happen.  All the same while I was trying to figure out how I was going to get from the car to the apartment with the least amount of hurting and/or soaking myself possible I couldn't help but shake my head and think "these aren't all supposed to happen at the same time!"

This is a stunning example of how my day went in general, by the way.

Anyway one thing I will say about weird-ass weather, It makes for some pretty cool light.

This was while it was taking a break from raining.  Note the sun.  It starting raining again roughly 5.8 seconds later.

But I mean, come on, that's just in my courtyard.  I can say with some authority (because I see these things while I drive home) that, for example, downtown St. Paul looked pretty freaking cool this afternoon.  Let's take a look at a close-up shall we?  Just for chuckles (this is what actually got me to take the pictures in the first place so it seems fair to include it.)

Maybe (probably) it's just me, but that's a pretty cool looking tree for being a tree that is otherwise not that interesting.  That was the worse sentence ever.  Wow.  Going to go rethink that whole I'm not a moron thing...

By the way, the title of this post came about by trying to describe to myself how I was feeling about this whole weather situation and eventually I just decided I was stuck between knowing what was going on and accepting what was going on as possible while I'm awake.  I say I may have the Memphis Blues again because I don't really know what, specifically, the Memphis Blues are.  I have my guesses, but who really knows what Bob Dylan is talking about right?  So without proof that I don't have the Memphis Blues, it is always possible that I might have them.  You stopped reading this awhile ago, didn't you?  That's cool, I get it.


  1. I just had to remind you of your awesome talent to come up with a (correct) title and artist when posed with the question "You know that song? By that girl?"

  2. "With the music?" Best. Question. Ever. :)