Monday, September 6, 2010

I Can't Think of a Bob Dylan lyric about Fireworks...

Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone enjoys their... laboring?  Reprieve from laboring?  I hope you all enjoy your picnics, BBQs, and day off of work!  As I have previously mentioned, here, I loves me some fireworks.  I feel all holidays (and most days in general) should have fireworks.

So here are some fireworks!  (Taken on the 4th of July and unintentionally not posted until Labor Day!  Seems like a good way to celebrate Labor Day to me - especially since I don't really know what I should be celebrating.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with the military, so I apologize to any military members or officials I just offended.  Here, have some fireworks!)






Zap! (Wait, no.  That's Batman.)

Anyone else humming a Sousa march right now?  Just me?  Fine.


UPDATE:  Steve looked it up on Wikipedia and if they're to be believed Labor Day is essentially a peace offering from the military for killing a bunch of laborers who were striking.  So... I'm no longer ashamed of myself for celebrating by going grocery shopping, playing video games and having tacos for dinner.

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