Saturday, June 26, 2010

After The Storm

We had a right proper thunderstorm last night.  Actually, it was a bit more than that really.  Watching it on radar was like watching a giant purple blob scream toward the Twin Cities.  There were thunderstorms, tornado watches, flash flood warnings, etc., etc., etc.  But here's the thing - I loves me some thunderstorms.  I have ever since I was a little kid.  I remember sitting at the patio door with my brother as a small child watching the lightening illuminate the yard.

My brother likes to say there's nothing better than watching a good thunderstorm; it's better than fireworks.  I must say I disagree.  Fireworks are the shit.  Ain't nothing better than fireworks.  Thunderstorms are close though.

I'm also a big fan of clouds.  I feel like clouds don't really get all the attention they deserve.  They can do so much to change the mood of a scene.  They can convey danger, softness, lightness, or peace with nothing more than slightly different formations.  That's pretty cool.

Anyhow the moral of the story is after the good lightening passed through I was lying in bed watching some TV when I noticed our dark green curtains were turning the strangest color orange I've ever seen.  A quick peak outside revealed some of the most surreal, eerie light I've seen; especially without an actual tornado about to touch down.  Unfortunately I took entirely too long to locate my camera (located, rather logically, in my purse) and what follows does not particularly capture that eerie surrealism.  But much of the cloud cover that remained was still pretty cool.  It just doesn't nearly stand up to what it was about ten minutes beforehand.

This one is probably the closest.  I should point out - it was not sunset.  At all.  There was still a good hour and a half to actual sunset, though it quickly became just plain dark.
The orange tint to the light started fading very quickly, but some of it hung around for awhile.

This may be one of the cooler pictures I've ever taken, in my opinion.  There's some bitchen' color in there is all I'm sayin.  Furthermore the fact that it's taken in the city of Roseville (Okay across the street from Roseville) somehow makes it a little cooler too.  I mean, c'mon, "weather" doesn't happen in places called "Roseville" it's just silly.

The last two pictures were seriously taken within two minutes of each other.  Doesn't the difference in the texture of the clouds kind of knock your socks off?  I'm telling you, clouds are pretty sweet.

Because who doesn't think "Al's Billiards" and "Tires Plus" when they think of thunderstorms.  Damn, I should have gotten a shot of Patrick's Lounge.  Now there's a joint that can only be classed up with some clouds.

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