Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fridays in the Park

Sooo... Remember the other day when I posted a picture of a unicyclist in Como Park and said it was pretty cool, but it was no monkey?  Yeah.  This is an effin' monkey!

His name is Michael and he is a monkey.  I assume, based on the shorts, that he plays basketball.

This is a monkey people!  In the park!  Totally random!  Monkey!

...And I took some other pictures too.  None of them are nearly as good as monkeys.

I thought the light here was pretty cool.

As per usual, the heron was hanging out.

Frog!  (Not as cool as monkey.  But frogs are cool too.)

I think this might turn into milkweed in a few weeks, but for right now I really love the purple color.

I like this shot because it's just sort of the heron in the background and out of focus.  It's kind of like a surprise.  In the middle of the frame.  Okay, so maybe it's a club over the head.  I still think it's cool though.

And just for chuckles, here's Phil (Philabusta!) chasing ducks.
He caught up to one.
And the ducks immediately ran away.

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