Monday, July 5, 2010

Coup in the Zoo III: Back to the Habitat

Our adventure at the zoo continued with some under-the-sea life:

I don't actually know if this is coral.  This sounds gross but it looked too flesh-like to be coral.
I'm pretty sure this is a Sea Anemone, it was kind of entrancing; just watching it undulating in around itself.
This one actually is coral, I'm reasonably certain.

Another water dragon.

And on to some bigger animals:
This bear was, like a toddler, trying really, really hard to stay awake.

But it didn't work.  At all.  (Sleepy bear)

I think it was the heat that specifically making this ox look incredibly lazy.  

A buffalo that looks like he's glaring at all the other animals.

... And we're back to the prairie dogs.  
It's kind of funny actually.  When you're looking at them all standing like that they seem adorable.  In the picture it looks really creepy.
See, there are the adorable prairie dogs we all know and love.

Look at him!  He's so chubby and adorable.  You just want to take him home with you, don't you?

A little deer running around.  (Okay, very nicely sitting still so I could take it's picture.  I'm sure it was running around at some point though.)

A different deer (same type though, obviously) a little more hidden in the grass.
And a third deer that I'm pretty sure was thinking about maybe running.
Watch out, they spit!
More camels...
Look at how nicely this horse posed for me.
Aw, the horses being all pretty and such.

At this point we headed back indoors and saw some bears swimming around their habitat.

And saw a tiger that was actually awake.
Still now willing to move.  But awake.
At last!  Movement!


  1. I really like the Wet Bear and Horses pictures. They turned out really well I think.

  2. Caity dear: I spent a rainy night lately working my way backwards through your blog. I really enjoy your snarky outlook on life (wonder who(plural) influenced that?) Your pictures are great. You have a great eye and an interesting point of view. Mom