Thursday, July 1, 2010

And There's a Big Coup in the Zoo

"I mock you with my monkey pants!"

Over Memorial Day weekend Steve and I went out to the Minnesota Zoo with some friends.  Hilarity ensued, of course.  One of the major themes of the day was seeing the animals... relieve themselves.  And since all four of us (including the two who are soon to be parents) are, oh, twelve on the inside a hearty bought of giggling followed each display.

Anyway, we had lots of fun visiting the animals.  And I personally think the animals had fun being our entertainment.

Let's start our with a Prairie Dog, shall we?  Everybody loves prairie dogs, right?  They're like chubby meerkats.  They're fantastic.  And look how polite this one is:
He has his pinkie up!

From there we'll move on to a very big kitty, prowling about.
And... kind of hiding behind a tree...

I personally am a big fan of turtles.  The Minnesota Zoo apparently doesn't have penguins (TOTAL CRAP, Minnesota Zoo.  Shape up and fly right!  Lose the penguin hate.  They're adorable and you should have them!) so turtles may be my second choice.  They're not too flashy, that's true, but they look really cool
And I love they're little faces.  They look like little old men :)

This dude was just hanging out, chillin'.  


This one completely accomplished looking incredibly scary while not doing anything at all.

This one not so much.  Not that I would want to find one chasing me down an alley or anything.

If you think we didn't sit and look at this for a solid ten minutes or that we didn't continue to giggle about it for the rest of the day, you clearly didn't read that part about how we're 12 on the inside.

Okay, no joke: This was the coolest animal I have ever seen!  He was clearly posing all over the place, and kind of showing off.  It was awesome.
You see that rope there?  At one point he tightrope walked across it!  I am not kidding.  I got a picture of it, but it's not very good.  It was completely amazing though.
Little did I know at the time that this was just getting himself psyched up for his big trick.

I like flamingos.  They kind of make me chuckle a little bit when I see them. 

Steve made me take a picture of this duck because he thought it looked fake.  The picture, I feel, makes it look more fake than it did in real life.

I mean, c'mon, you laughed a little bit didn't you?

I liked the juxtaposition of the bright pink and the green leaves.

Let's get back the the turtles...
He's either giving me the stink eye or posing for this picture.  I prefer to think he's posing.  I don't like the idea of a turtle (or any animal for that matter) giving me the stink eye.

One of the many cool-looking parts of a turtle: close up of a turtle foot.

And a close up of some of the kind of elephant-like skin around his head.

Fear not!  There are far more animals to be seen!  Tune in tomorrow for Coup in the Zoo, Part Two:  Electric Boogaloo!

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