Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Coup in the Zoo, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Our adventure at the zoo continued as we went to visit the fishies.

Or... more specifically, the sharks.

There were actual fish too:

Ah see, there were more standard fishes there too.  (In case you haven't noticed I really enjoy using incorrect plurals of fish.)

I like how it looks like I really surprised this fish.  Oh my god, she's taking my picture!

It was really very hard to take pictures of the fish.  They really don't stay still long enough.

A shot of the tank in general.

We then saw some birds.  Most of which were hiding in/behind trees or behind big old nets that were awfully hard to take pictures through.

The wolves were prowling around paying very close attention to the people who were (we think) putting food out for them.

This one at least looked very happy while he was roaming around.

A wise old (I assume) owl.

A little bear of some kind (I don't remember anymore)

The chipmunk was not an official zoo exhibit.  He was very cute though.

A symbol of our country looking quite regal.

I kind of love this photo.  Just a sly little look at a sleeping kitty.

Speaking of sleeping kitties.... I swear this tiger is not dead.  I promise.  It really is just sleeping.

This photo does not help prove that point, I understand.

Let's move on the the mooses, shall we?

Everybody likes mice.  This variety anyway.

Very new little piggies.  Three of, oh, 50 or so that were in the barn.

Of course the dolphin saw me coming and immediately swam away.  but that's okay.

This is a water dragon.  Apparently they're actual animals.  They look pretty cool and all, but I'm reasonably sure that it's just a long strip of protoplasm or something that got dropped in a fish tank.  Still cool, though.

This little fish just kept swimming out of the coral and rocks and whatnot and then going back in and popping out again.  It made me laugh.


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