Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Call It A Countdown - Day 7 - Luck 'O The Irish Edition

So... obviously I have an Irish Christmas tree ornament right?  Know what I really like about this?  It's actually three or four different colors of green and it has glitter.  Perfect storm of Irish ornament.  

Also, yep, that's totally a penguin in the background.

That's not the point.  But it's solid all the same.

Um, yeah.  I made a wonderfully poor decision last night.  I stayed up way later than normal hanging out with Steve and a couple of his cousins, who were over to watch the hockey game.  It was delightful because they're cool dudes and funny and all.  It was an awful decision because that led to me being very tired and grumpy all day.  Not super.

So... I'm going to sleep now.  And I'm going to dream about glittery green tree ornaments.

Okay, probably not.  But so long as they're not part of the zombie apocalypse (which I've legitimately dreamt about, by the way) it'd probably be a pretty cool dream.  Glittery anyway.  Zombies might be better if there's glitter involved.  It might help their public image.  It's all about PR.  Or so I hear.

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