Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Call It A Countdown - Day 6 - For Realsies This Time

I just had the most baffling conversation with Steve in which it became clear that he doesn't even know if he reads my blog or not.

So that's neat.  I guess that means I can complain about him then.  Cool.

Also my power cord for my laptop is totally fucked right now.  So I'm trying to type this one-handed (and doing a fairly good job at that, if i do say so myself) while trying to hold the cord in just right so that my whole freaking computer won't shut down.  I'm trying to stay positive (because apparently my mom doesn''t remember that I'm a smartass by nature while simultaneously being entertained by that) but seriously, this kind of sucks.  But since this is already my second or third power cord for this laptop (and they're damn expensive) I really don't want to get another one.  ugh.

Anyway, lately, I sort of feel like everything's breaking on me lately.  My car broke.  my computer's kind of jacked.  Our TV broke (though, bright spot there, it fixed itself - but that seems shady to me.  I'm assuming it's going to break again) two of my favorite pairs of shoes have heels are worn down to the nubs.  I kind of feel like I need a hug.

Which makes me happy we have this little guy who's just waiting to give out hugs.  Isn't he cute?  He's all string and top hat and hugs.  And he's got a little scarf!  He's so cute!  I just love him.

I just wish he was full sized so I could have a full sized hug.  Boo.

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