Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Call It A Countdown - Day 4.5 (Cause I Forgot Edition)

I got carried away with the Ghost of Christmas Present... and a sea of dirty dishes last night and by the time we got home from dinner with Steve's parents and grandparents I had just enough time to fold a load of laundry and go to bed.

... And I sort of forgot to do a blog post.


I thought about it.  I said to myself "Self, you need to do a blog post."  And then I went to sleep instead.

That's the problem with me.  Given the choice between sleep and other stuff, I'm generally inclined to pick sleep.  I'm a bum.

You know what else tends to get forgotten?  All the other reindeer.  Don't get me wrong, Rudolph's great an all.  But some times I feel bad for, like Blitzen and the boys.  Sure they made fun of Rudy a few times when they were kids, but they were kids.  We all did things we regret when we were kids.  And adolescent reindeer will be adolescent reindeer after all.  I'm sure they're not bad people, er, reindeer.  They just got carried away by the mob mentality of the moment.  I especially feel bad for Donner.  Because Rudolph is his son in the movie and, man, he does not get portrayed well at all.  Straight up jerk right there.  And that's probably not true.  Donner's probably an alright deer.  He's just misunderstood, that's all.


I'll be back again later for full non-countdown coverage!

UPDATE:  I forgot to say:  The thing I like best about this ornament is that, simply by living with the other ornaments in a box for the rest of the year, he now has glitter-butt.  And that's awesome.

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