Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wet Stuff

I have this serious weakness for wet plants.  I love getting pictures of plants in water, with drops of water on there and/or with drops of water falling off of them.

I hope I don't have to tell you this but immediately following a thunderstorm?  Really good time to find these conditions.

Unfortunately the light was awfully low at this point so a flash was required in most cases.  Most of the time I really hate the flash.  I think it tends to just wash everything out rather than enhance anything.

As it turns out I rather liked the effect I got from using the flash.  That and I certainly don't have the ability to sit still enough to have taken pictures without a flash for how long the shutter was taking.

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This one is up by one of the signs advertising our apartment complex (hence the better lighting - the signs light up at night!)  

It's actually the greenery that goes along with some lilies, but I like the wet grass look.  

These are some roses that I've been meaning to photograph for quite awhile now.  Unfortunately they look like they got a little extra beat up in the rain.

This brand new bud seemed to fare pretty well though.

And these little bell-shaped pink guys looked really cool while back-lit by the apartment sign.

I have a huge weakness for Hostas, especially while they're wet.  They are the coolest leaves in existence.  I love how much variation there is between different kinds of Hostas while you can still tell they're all related.  I especially love the veining that all Hostas have.

Some Hosta flowers dripping all over the place.  (specifically on my toes...)

I don't know what these plants are, but I think they look like trees covered in snow.  Except they're tiny.  The whole bush goes up to my knee.  Still they look pretty cool

Finally what I like to call "Weird Pink Puffy Flowers." And if you can think of a better name for them, good for you.

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