Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fancy Camera

Somewhat randomly Steve had a very fancy camera in his possession for about 20 hours or so early this week. Some of those hours included our walk at Como Park on Monday so we took it along and I got to play a little bit.  Big fun.  Especially as there were just tons of puppies in the park that day.
If you look closely, there's a big ol' bumblebee on that flower.

There is a puppy hiding in those bushes!

Looking down at a bit of the man-made waterfall.

Some ivy or something growing on the rocks around the waterfall.

Some late afternoon light shining on this absolutely beautiful lily.

Look at how deep that red is.  Just gorgeous.
We always seem to see something completely random when we go to Como.  An unicyclist is no guy walking around with a full-grown monkey on his shoulder (oh how I wish I'd had my camera with me last week) but it's random enough for my tastes.

A very happy puppy.  I think I saw this dog "pulled over" about four different times so he could be pet by small children who were clearly in love with him.

A nice view of the lake.

A shot of a wild rose that was blooming a little way away from the bench where we were.

A cool looking plant that I was fascinated by a the time.

I liked the way the light was hitting the leaves on this tree.

An adorable little puppy that was very, very happy to see every single person that passed.

A cool lakeside house.

The actual waterfall (now that I've posted pictures of the stuff around the waterfall.)

This was such a pain in the butt.  It was still as can be until I decided I wanted to take this picture.  Then the wind started blowing like mad.  It figures.

Some cool sort-of back lit thistles.

An interesting collections of greens around the edges of the lake.  (Not shown: the disgusting, SMELLY scum/algae that's still covering a good portion of the lake.)

A nifty Birch tree.  I always try to take cool pictures of birch bark because I think it's super cool, the pictures usually turn out lame though.

Some very deeply veined bark.

This tree had some weird stuff hanging from its trunk.  It kind of looked like old clothes or something.  The sun was shining right on it so it was rather hard to tell.

Finally, a happy cloud!

Fun with a fancy camera!  Woo!

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