Monday, June 7, 2010

An Assault on the Eyes

In a way I kind of liked this photo when it was in color.  These flowers are just so incredibly pink!  Looking at them was just like PINK!  HI!  IM PINK!  DID YOU NOTICE?  DO YOU SEE ME?  IM PINK!

It was actually kind of like an assault on the eyes.  The photograph in particular was so overwhelmingly PINK! that it was kind of hard to look at.  

After playing around with the color in Photoshop I still wasn't happy with it because muddy PINK! is no better than simply PINK!  So I eventually just tried desaturating it altogether and I'm pretty happy with the results.  It's sort of like the original photo took an elephant-sized valium and just chilled out.

Now instead of PINK!  ALL PINK ALL THE TIME!  There's some really cool line and texture happening.

Nothing against PINK! exactly.  It's just that this is way cooler.

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