Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seriously, I'm Not Kidding

Know how I keep saying I'm a nerd? Not joking around. I seriously am.

You need examples? Fine.

Know what's SUPER HOT (if you're me)?

That man right there.

Okay, sure he's not hard on the eyes. He has very pretty blue eyes and adorable curly blond hair. The smile's pretty swoonworthy and the massive baseball player arms? Not counting against him. Plus who doesn't love a Canadian, right? These are not the parts of Justin Morneau being my baseball boyfriend that make me a nerd. (Those are the parts that make me a chick, for those of you keeping track at home)

The parts that are make me a nerd? Well, to answer that I have to tell you what is seriously the totally hottest part about him right now:

What is super, incredibly hot right now?
a .380 batting average.
a very nearly .500 on base percentage.
a .700 slugging percentage. Which makes:
a 1.199! On base plus slugging.

Not joking - I'm swooning over here.

And it's the stats (okay, the arms a big part too) that are doing it for me.


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