Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Not Dead Yet

A while back my mom gave me a pot of pansies.  This is a very trusting move on her part.  Here's the scoop - my mom is an amazing gardener.  I'm pretty sure she could make flowers grow from a pot of cement.  And there would be seven different varieties and they would all be color coordinated and it would take your breath away to look at it.

I on the other hand, kill plants by looking at them.  Not literally of course - otherwise I wouldn't take all these many, many pictures of flowers.  But seriously for as green her thumb is, that's how black mine is.  I am BAD at keeping flowers alive.  Really bad.

So I've kept these pansies alive for at least three weeks now - a new personal best! - and I have a pot full of pretty purple, white and yellow flowers.  

And this one.  That is different from all the others.  And kind of awesome.

Yes - also purple.  But all the other purple ones are completely solid purple.  There's none of this variegation or interest in the others.  The other purple flowers are very, very pretty.  But this is kind of prettier.

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