Saturday, March 20, 2010

Play Ball!

Through a stroke of very good luck I got the chance to go to the season ticket holder's open house showing off Target Field today. Have to say - they sure are classing up the joint compared to the Dome. Granted that wouldn't have taken too much, but still... there are parts of that park that I would be embarrassed to be in while wearing jeans and Twins tee-shirt. Then again, I'll more than likely never see those parts of the park again, so that works out.

I will admit the site lines in the park look pretty damn good, and sitting in the sunshine on a 35 degree day was actually very pleasant. It was also exceptionally cool to sit in the sun in the new ball park, drink a beer, and watch the last couple innings of the tiebreaker on the jumbotron. I don't know how many games I'll actually get to see this year (what with all the bandwagoneers and all) but I think I'm going to like the ones I do get to see.

I will say though - when it comes to the shade: it's a damn good thing they have those heat lamps in the concourses.

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