Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sir Moves A Lot (I Like Big Boxes, And I Can Not Lie...)

So hey, you know what sucks?

Moving.  Moving sucks a lot.  Like, a lot.  More than a lot.  Movie bites the big one.  Moving is the suck that created sucking.  You know what sucks worse than moving?  Moving and trying to work a full time job at the same time.  Yeah.  That's really dumb.  People shouldn't do that.  There should be some kind of special leave you get where you just get a couple weeks off when you move.  Like maternity leave only with a domicile instead of a child.

To my friends who just had children: I apologize for that and take it back.  Sorry.

Anyway, yeah.  The last... long time life has pretty much just been get up, go to work, go home *either pack or unpack, depending on how far back you go* then go to sleep and start all over again.

Aside from the night Steve took me out to get shoved into a coffin and licked by a stranger (not kidding) we haven't really had too much opportunity for fun.  And, come to think of it, the Haunted Basement at the Soap Factory - though highly effective at being quite scary - wasn't really, uh, "fun" in my book.  Yeah, in case you missed it there - I was licked by a stranger and then put in a coffin.  Woo freakin hoo.

So, uh, yeah... life's been a little busy lately.  There's a room in my house right now that's pretty much just dedicated to clothes and... piles of things.  They don't even have to be things that are eventually going to go in that room.  No, no.  Those are things that are totally going to go on a completely different floor than where they are now.  But are currently in a pile in that room.  Because that's what that room is for right now.  Not stressful at all.

On the other hand - I live somewhere new now.  Which means there's some new... stuff around for me to take pictures of when I stop and take pictures of... stuff.  And thus! I give you:

A pretty wicked picture of a raindrop on a branch of the tree that's by my deck:

What I like most about it?  That you can see part of the tree reflected in the raindrop.  I don't like to get braggy.  But in my opinion, that's pretty badass.  Thinking about putting that one on a wall someplace.  Except at the end of the day it's a picture of a stick.  So I'm having a hard time getting around that.

Other upside to the move?  Wrote this on my lunch break.  That's pretty awesome.

Back to work now, though.


  1. Yes, moving sucks. That's why I took a week off when we moved. Guess what? We still have a room like you describe above. The contents are slowly trickling into their appropriate places in our house. But, once you get nice and settled, it's great!

  2. Moving does SUCK! After all the moving I did in college. I truly never want to move again. I LOVE your photo. It is pretty awesome!