Friday, August 20, 2010

Okay, So I'm Kind Of Pissed.

I spent most of tonight and good portion of last night writing a really honest, lovely post about an engagement party that Steve's mom threw for us two weeks ago and blogger just, I don't know, had a stroke or something and now all but two paragraphs of this post I spent two days on is gone.  I am what you'd call angry right now.

No.  I'm pissed.

And I blame Blogger.  Because, despite going to college and having to write countless papers, I've been drafting, editing and creating my posts all on blogger, rather than creating it elsewhere and copying it here.  And seeing as how Blogger appears to save everything I write every two seconds I was lulled into a false sense of security.  Particularly when coupled with the fact that I was signed in and all that.



  1. Shall I print this on a t-shirt for you:


  2. Eric,
    That comment was triply perfection. don't ask me how that's possible. It sounds like giving 300% - it just doesn't work that way. But your comment does.
    1) That graphic is pretty much exactly how I was feeling (could only have been better if there was also a little me, giving the finger to the devil blogger.)
    2) It involved a hug - which is always good.
    3) It made me think this before anything else: "Hey, anyone other than Steve and my mom read this, yey!"

    50 bonus points. (I'm awarding points now, that's how good a comment it was.)