Friday, January 13, 2012

Frozen Tundra - Kinda

So there's still little to no snow here.  Basically instead of looking like winter everything just looks dead.

It's kind of depressing.

It has, however, decided to start being January temperature-wise.

That is... it's cold.

And that's really annoying.

Because if we were going to have a full-on winter with an identity crisis the least it could do is stay in the 40's.  This whole everything looking dead and being damn cold is super annoying.

It does lead to stuff like this:

Which is pretty cool.  But we did have to drive to Alexandria, spend a weekend with all of my co-workers, and go walking by a frozen lake to find it.  So there are trade-offs there.  Frosted leaves are cool and all, but seriously.

That also means we both spent pretty much 12 days in a row working, which is not really something either of does anymore.  So we're very tired.

Also, it means I haven't done anything geeky or cool lately.

I may have consumption though, but that's completely unrelated.  And I'm pretty sure I can kick it, so far it's just been fun you know?  Who doesn't like coughing to death?

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